Alreadyeth Brokeneth

from when smart girls do stupid things by LJ helpert



The third composition on the EP has myriad titles, which are:
the elizabethan canon
notes towards an Elizabethan Canon
(notes toward Your very-most Best Ballet performance bartered for a Baguette's stale end)
Thou doth not consider, for thou is no keen considerer of this or any heart-- which thou couldest not and didest not break and mine especially as it was alreadyeth brokeneth.

Yes, in fact, the last title is the most firm, and for short we've above called it just "Alreadyeth Brokeneth".

Now, assuming you are a lover of the poetry of meticulous detail then you've been acquainted with the underlying theme and the mothership theme of this EP, and thus, I can say simply that This Track is the Archetype of the Victorian Virtue.


You Think You
Broke My Heart
That's Not The Case
And You Know

Though You Did
Burn It
And Throw It
And Strip It Of Poem

You Took The Cute
Little Marks
From Its Surface
And Drew There Skull And Bone.

You Think You
You Think You
You Think You
Broke My Heart. (street cleaners clang)

It's Always Been
A Mess Maker
A Card, Shark
And Faker

It's In Parts
Like Life's Theater
And When It Starred
It's The Repeater
In Its Own
Pathetic Waltz
You'd Like To Take Credit
But It's Not Your Fault.

We Stood
At The Statue
Of Stature And Value
I Was Hoping
You'd Tip Me Over
The Fence Of Self-Composure
And Make A Decent Woman
Out Of Me.

But Oh You Were Hoping
For Something More Token
But I Was No Token
I Was The Tower Herself.

You Think You
Broke My Heart
That's Not The Case
And You Know.
Though You Did
Stone It
And Store It
In The Dark
Didn't Grow It
You Chucked
The Stale Ends
Like A Sandwich
And You Paid
No Advance For
Such Damage

And Though Your Name
Likes The Advantage

You Think You
You Think You
You Think You Broke My Heart
But That's Not The Case
& You Know.

(catalan circle song, on the streets)


from when smart girls do stupid things, released July 18, 2012
Leslie Helpert: composition, music and dialogue lyrics, guitars, vocals, sound design, pre-recording
Dave Bianchi: recording, production, mixing
Miguel Serna Dominguez: Bass
Fran Bartlett: Cello
Antoine Casteignau: Blue Fish Dialogue
Eila van Reck: Blue Fish Dialogue
Amanda Jayne: Blue Fish Dialogue
Andrea Cirotto: Blue Fish Dialogue
Final Mixing and Mastering: Charlie Wilson/Sonic Zen Records

*recorded and first mixed in Barcelona at Emergency Studios with Dave Bianchi and Whatabout Music
*re-mixed and mastered in Berkeley, California with Charlie Wilson at Sonic Zen Records


all rights reserved



::leslie jill helpert º≠º New York, New York

<---a non-deductive anachronymph, meaning, mostly "of a chronologically inconsistent hemimetaboly". she makes candy out of earthsap, rudders and thunder ----->

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