mud for swine, but not i

from undrgrnd americns by ::leslie jill helpert º≠º



the plant you gave me
it is still living
and that's cuz baby
it don't need nothing

the string of rosary
you left for praying
mala beads and sage
they are still holy.

but i'm irreparably transformed
i wake after just laying down
to the old red trucks with
their names worn on their sides
who don't cease to stop
on the neighbors with their hammers.

the sea-duck's crying
for the ocean
and that's cuz honey
this is the mid-land
somebody caught it
for another somebody's birthday
to live in their swimmingpool
and feed on Koi fish

But I'm exactly where i came from
i wake on the battle field of my own reason
my body calls for that cool cool mud
that's put out for the swine but not for I.


from undrgrnd americns, released February 1, 2008


all rights reserved



::leslie jill helpert º≠º New York, New York

<---a non-deductive anachronymph, meaning, mostly "of a chronologically inconsistent hemimetaboly". she makes candy out of earthsap, rudders and thunder ----->

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