Oh he didn't trust me
me and my heart
and he raised his big mirror
up to my eyes
oh and it was a trigger
cuz he just raised the same to the sky
while singing
"both of us lovers are on pedestals now
and both of us utter
my love can do no wrong."

even skipping
cannot save these fools
who by asinine tournament
missed every goal.
the only hope
they now chance
is to beg for a quick death
in each-other's arms
oh while quivering.

her mother feeds her
but it's a sad fare
everything sweet
is sickly and how
everything sour
by comparison dull
everything spicy is
missing the mark
and bitter is week
and pungent not deep
only her fallen tears
can chance to flavor the lot

she's stuck digesting
that he couldn't trust her
her and her heart.


from mixtape​:​:​the ghetto mixtape, released March 1, 2008
josephine street piano.


all rights reserved



::leslie jill helpert º≠º New York, New York

<---a non-deductive anachronymph, meaning, mostly "of a chronologically inconsistent hemimetaboly". she makes candy out of earthsap, rudders and thunder ----->

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