*The Short* This song is the story of how the Zombie Robot antagonist character in the story of this EP became a Vacuous Zombie Robot

*The Long*

This is a Narrative Play Cartoon, about a boy-man who looks like Pink Panther a little bit. He (waddling across the carpet) swallows a toxic waffle as a child and grows up to be a Street-Mime Deaf-Mute Clown on the Ramblas (the main tourist drag) of Barcelona. With his painted face and hollow insides, he craftily steels the "sound"/expression from the sexy young ladies that "pound the pavement into peaches". Luring naive lasses' sympathy, he anesthetizes female wit with his converse charm---a pitiful, magnetic zombiness---and employs a custom (intrinsic) pattern "snatch apparatus" (flagellum-like pole) which attaches to the heart area of the unassuming damsel, sucking her melodic expression so that he can continue to Entertain the Masses (like a Musical leech.) So the fable goes, he, at last, unintelligibly ploys to steal the sound from a precious baby bird (who stars as "Me" in the song, in a lost verse un-sung). Besieged by the baby bird's cacophonous posse, he lives out the rest of his days as a scarecrow, perched far from his glass facades and illustrious street fashion, in the lost lands where Old Charge-less Batteries go to never die.


Well You Know You Never Did
Anything You Said
And Though Your Words Were Worthless
It's Much Worse
Under Surface.

You Swallowed Something Awful.
As A Toddler When You Waddled
Cross The Carpet
For A Waffle
And You Couldn't Read The Lable.

So Grew Up
Like A Clown
Street Miming, Stealing Sound
From The Ladies
Who Pound The Pavement
Into Peaches.

Well Your Face
Is Painted In One Expression
Innocent In Need Of Affection
And Stage Make-up
Highlights Your Thick Brow
That Suggest Yes
You'd Like To Get It Up
In The Bow-Wow.

Your Hands
Skillfully Unwrap The Package
And Reveal The Tiny Instrument
That Somehow In Ten Minutes
Is Designed To Suck All Happiness
From The World's Most Mellifluous Damsels
Extracting Sound Like A Musical Leach, Yes
From The Ladies
Who Pound The Pavement Into Peaches.

Do You Want
A Number
Someone You Can Call
Someone Who Can Help You
Do You Want A Number.

Cuz You Know
You Never Did
Anything You Said
You Know You
Never Did
You Stole The Sound From The Ladies Who Pound The Pavement
To Peaches:: You Never Did Anything :: But You Steal All The Sound :: Steal All The Sound From The Ladies Who Pound :: The Pavement To Peaches.


from when smart girls do stupid things, released July 18, 2012
Leslie Helpert: composition, music and dialogue lyrics, guitars, vocals, sound design, pre-recording
Dave Bianchi: recording, production, mixing
Oriol Rocca: Drum Kit
Miguel Serna Dominguez: Bass
Sinead Savage: Backup Vocals/Harmonies
Danny Lippitt: Backup Vocals/Harmonies
Duffy O-Brick: Monologue and Theatrics
Final Mixing and Mastering: Charlie Wilson/Sonic Zen Records

*recorded and first mixed in Barcelona at Emergency Studios with Dave Bianchi and Whatabout Music
*re-mixed and mastered in Berkeley, California with Charlie Wilson at Sonic Zen Records


all rights reserved



::leslie jill helpert º≠º New York, New York

<---a non-deductive anachronymph, meaning, mostly "of a chronologically inconsistent hemimetaboly". she makes candy out of earthsap, rudders and thunder ----->

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