2 bad villains from 2 opposing bad​-​ass towns

from Cupcakes. and radishes by ::leslie jill helpert º≠º



this piece is about a sculpture/moving installation; a hot-wheel car driving on a maybe 5 foot square topographical map of a dark, gotham-city-esque coast-to-coast stretch. The story that inspired the installation revolves around 2 Bad Villains from 2 opposing bad-ass towns, maybe they were Drag Racing over the World. The car, perpetuated somehow on its own (at least in the installation) without a driver, or perhaps with a teeny-tiny lego-size driver, plows through the mid-west....into the coastal land, and, almost with an on-fire like vengeance, thrusts itself over a cliff. Yes, the installation is about a suicidal auto-pilot car, maybe like Michael Knight's "KIT", but the car is a metaphor. The 2 Bad Villains were lovers, were mates and simple friends of soul. This installation is their end, personified, by a Hot Wheel Car, driving through the Black of every major city which has somehow become unplugged, all edges and shadow.
Oh yes, it's also about being on tour as a musician and the idea is that you wake up, driving somewhere on the road....


I know You Don't Want This anymore
You Say You're Scared to just let Go

I'm driving through
over the mississippi tonight
the heat's on but outside
it's 85.

I think that we
take it along
two ruff-riders
rambling in song

I don't think you've
done me wrong
not really.

the twin cities
like obelisk
rise from flat farm-land country side.
pass their shit
south on 35
on where the fuck am I?

Des Moines by morning
my eyes rest on nothing
I hit Kansas
what is this
I just woke up on the road.

I think that we
take it along
we're two bad villains
lascivious in song

I don't think you've done me wrong
I was born wrong.

Before I make sense here
the strange picture fades.
Years reckoned by time
beckon on their little legs
to be carried away.

And I'm mid-west
almost through Colorado
by night fall
this time tomorrow
I'll reach the coast
I'll drive it over the edge
my love
I'm not scared
to let this thing go.

I think that we
take it along
we float what we know
we drown in our song
there is no clear right from wrong here
just play it my love, dear, until it's gone
sing it out strong and clear
get in there, go on
show up for what you fear until it gets along.

Get along, get along ruff rider, get along.

Mamma said OH
You're so difficult to please
I fall on my knees
You don't know how easy
You Could Please me.


from Cupcakes. and radishes, released January 1, 2004
mat maneri (violin)
jamey haddad (drumkit)
andrew barr (percussion)
tim luntzel (bass)


all rights reserved



::leslie jill helpert º≠º New York, New York

<---a non-deductive anachronymph, meaning, mostly "of a chronologically inconsistent hemimetaboly". she makes candy out of earthsap, rudders and thunder ----->

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