cold flat pressed black ink

from Cupcakes. and radishes by ::leslie jill helpert º≠º



i write so i don't bleed
it's kinda like a band-aid you put on before you're cut
some man said we don't need no books or no literacy to live right
and a jehova witness got up from his chair with his bible and left when he said that
well i don't know what that man would think
about me and my love of cold flat pressed black ink.

cold flat pressed black ink
cold flat pressed black ink
you and i no longer meet
but if we did we'd arrange the
clouds in lines of poetry
like two cyclone simile.

i draw so that we don't budge
from the thick texture smoke of our bodies' smudge
we had to get up so i made an outline
with the charcoal of my eyes
and now we're always making love
in the rainy dusk rising.

i'm never gonna say goodbye to you.
worst I'll do is till you til your soul is soil in my garden
i'm growing vines, vines of lines, lines of lyric, lyrical rhymes.

cold flat pressed black ink
cold flat pressed black ink
i never been a folk singer
i never sang about nothing i know
i never really truly knew what i thought.

way back when i'd be better off playing a saxaphone
muting my sharp words through complex motifs
getting goatee clad sheddin' jazz cats off.

i drive so that i don't stay
it's better off baby, better off this way.
we were only living together to afford cheap rent.
but our heart's spent, our heart's spent.

here you come flying to me
here you come flying now.
and like a bird's got his worm danglin' you got a box of them black-capped dreams.
here you come flying, here you come flying now.
ink running all over your arms and legs,
baby you are motion, baby you are motion in poetry.
and i can't stay, i can't stay--- lord knows I can't stay

spices and treasures made proud boats sink, but i think it well worth it for the cold cold ink
sticks and stones broke an old crone's bones,
crusty crowns and thrones die hard alone, but
nothing hurt no one from a Bold Love Poem....

and it gets it out
it gets it out.
And boy, Now it's Gone.


from Cupcakes. and radishes, released January 1, 2004
todd lombardo, guitar
leslie helpert, guitar voice
ryan dunham- harmonica


all rights reserved



::leslie jill helpert º≠º New York, New York

<---a non-deductive anachronymph, meaning, mostly "of a chronologically inconsistent hemimetaboly". she makes candy out of earthsap, rudders and thunder ----->

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