from ulu by leslie helpert



"vomere post cenam te velle dixisses"
Sometime around the reign of Ceasar (around 100-40 BC) ancient Syracuse, part of the Roman Empire, was one of many locales where a wealthy citizen might partake in a rite of hedonistic feast; the attendees were hip to throwing up midst-fest, returning to the evening's celebration to consume all the more.
This piece of music lyrically uses the Puking theme of ancient Syracuse in various metaphorical context for Two People who are in intimate relationship and who gorge on each other in multiple dimensions, and all of the stomach-turning that ensues.


I discovered when I was upside-down
My heart's been so long inverted
plainly royally fucked up
I still have hope for you.

Approximate our reunion
one season plus one/half more season
i would creep out from the corner
having not returned your calls

Perhaps you'd think
I'd finally flown
then from underneath a felt-brown
checkered hat
one eye like a spotted dog
one eye like a spanish lake
Promptly I would puke on your shoe.

Promptly I would puke on your shoe.

How are you still beautiful?
Would slip out from the hole of my mouth.
Look how fate's worn itself on my weary face
You should taste me now
how I've died
since those

Greedy times
devouring each other
like Syracusans
gorging Romans
until we tossed each other
from our
overly-whetted mouths
I shouldn't have gone there
when I was not
I mean
you must be
fucking transparent
to have had
and then walk away
hardly affected.
at most
grinning the graduation
from boy to man.

Connoisseur, culinary
Gorging Roman
Gorging Roman

I wish there was a decent ceremony
to demark you passage.
One that wouldn't have
involved my clear
Spanish Lake
Spotted Dog
Bull Terrier Eye/Ob-viously
it was a trade
My Eye for Your Goodbye

Out with the old
Ran through my head
and all the unfound things you said
I had to whittle away
everything I was
just to make fit through your door
starring as a fucking paste stick
a cheese and cracker stick
a hobbyists stick

and when I got in
you'd hold up my old eye
it was wide-eyed
bug-eyed (it was)
Surprised and Disgusted
I'd made it back in.


There was no witness
there was no one to prove.
There was just a lack of restraint
on my part
And a mis-placed sense of endurance
We're running backwards from the start.

Across the street
down electric wires
a wood-pecker banging his novel head
a broken bicycle that still could make shift
a motorist, dawn tripping,
dawn tripping Red.
I fumble for your keys
I fumble for your keys
and I let my stitched-self back in
Oh God Damn
I wanted it to work so bad
I mean I'd never known a Love Like That.
I'd never known a Love Like That.

& I learned all the keys to your Songs
Them half-ass songs of borrowed feeling
And I gagged on all them son-of-a-bitches
for 10 long years until I found out the
hard way, you can't throw up


from ulu, track released October 1, 2009
dimitri plays the Gaida, Greek Bagpipes.
nic talvola: horn
leslie: electric/acoustic guitar, voice
oriol: drum
miguel: bass


all rights reserved



::leslie jill helpert º≠º New York, New York

<---a non-deductive anachronymph, meaning, mostly "of a chronologically inconsistent hemimetaboly". she makes candy out of earthsap, rudders and thunder ----->

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